Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

I will be "out of office" this until next week. Not only am I out of office, but I'm out of state. Right now, I am writing from the crisp, cool, state of New York. This weekend, 7 years ago, my husband and I got married, and on that same day, his twin brother will be tying the knot to my beautiful future sister-in-law.

We are excited to share that special day with them, but with a wedding comes all of the last minute running around. The good news is that I'm getting a pedicure this afternoon, and meeting with some old friends for dinner.

The better news for you is that there's a new giveaway coming up, for a super fun Wii game. I can't wait to post about it, but I don't know when the post will go live yet.. SO- keep your eyes open, and be sure to check back this weekend as I trip down memory lane, and share some pictures from our beautiful day with you all, and get that review and giveaway posted!

Many areas are experiencing cooler weather and taking advantage of outdoor activities. Do you have anything special planned this weekend?



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