Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Having a Halloween Party for your Big Kids, or just for Adults?

Last year we were introduced to This store has everything, most of it very practical, and extremely affordable. We are privy to special sales and promotions because of our relationship with them and got this one in email yesterday, and totally had to laugh.. and share it with you! You never know who might want one of these- Practical Jokes and Halloween Pranks:

A rubber chicken that screams when you squeeze it. You know, for all of those pesky sheep. *shrugs* You could play mad farmer with this one... or something.. ($7.14)

Dressing up as a mad scientist or doctor? Axe murder? Crazy psycho that likes to cut people up?? Carry around a bloody hand... in a Holiday wrapped box.. *shudders* ($13.81)

Remember what that guy did to you last halloween?? Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about. Get him back, or pull one over on the guys.. because, after all, most adults can't tell that the name of this gum just doesn't sound right. I know, shocking, right?? *giggle* ($2.20)

And for the more tame birds out there, when trying to de-stress and not strangle your neighbor, boss, ex, or spouse, feel free to carry this bug-eyed duck to squeeze when the pressure is really getting to you. *ommm* ($3.58)

From now until November 2nd if you use the coupon code THX6OFF you will save 6% off of your order. This coupon code is good for any products, so feel free to check out for more practical items such as USB flash drives, a new optical mouse for your computer, and holiday gadgets. Have fun shopping!



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