Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you've been following me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I've been extremely apologetic lately for not being "up to par" regarding my blog. There hasn't been timely announcements of winners, and new winners are being redrawn in mass quantities instead of leisurely and random, but I admitted I had a ton of stuff going on by me.. and that when I was ready, I would open up.

There's a lot of stuff on my plate right now, but the largest by far concerns my health. A year ago on September 29, my mother found her lump. One year, one surgery, chemo and radiation, my mom is a survivor. This year, on September 29, I had my doctor confirm that what I've been feeling is not a gland, that it is indeed a lump.

My extended family does not even know about this yet, and might be finding out as they read this blog entry. Call it the coward's way of announcing that I'm broken, but I can't stand to hear the pity in anyone's voice anymore as I tell them. I cannot stand to hear anymore that "it might just be a cyst", "or fatty tissue", or whatever the heck they think it might be. I am trying to be optimistic, and know that it very well may not be anything.. but it might be something.

For me, it did not feel like a pea, or a bump. It feels like a flat piece of hardened rubber.. like from an old tire, that can't bend. It's small, thank God, but it's there. The next step for me is a mammography. I will have the official date of that this week.

Whatever this experience brings for me will be exactly that- an experience. If it's nothing, I will be ok. If it's "something", I will be ok. I have two beautiful children, and a husband who loves me for me. I am an over comer.

I urge you to go home and give yourself a self exam. If you don't know how, just try. Find a local clinic or doctor and ask them to help you know what bumps are supposed to be there, and tell if there's anything that's not supposed to be there.



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