Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ten, Ten, Ten... a Wedding, an Anniversary, and Many Memories!

So this Sunday was not only our 7th anniversary, but my husband's twin brother Brett tied the knot with one of the best women I've ever met. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only are they twin brothers, but now they share an anniversary, too. The wedding was put together in only about 2 weeks, and it was absolutely fabulous.

Despite the fact that 1500 miles separates them most of the time, it was astonishing to watch the both of them together.. the way they talk, the way they stress and organize, and the way they act cool as a cucumber when it's time to stress.

Brett gave us a "roast" as our toast. He kept it mostly clean, because we had a very large amount of people from our church present (including our pastors). There were a couple of low blows, but it was definitely a speech to remember. You can watch his speech to us here:

So.. with only a few weeks to plan, Brian put together a soundtrack to accompany his Best Man Speech, and compiled a collection of jabs that only a bride and groom could love. (Thankfully, both the family of the Bride and the family of the Groom had an amazing sense of humor, and were not easily offended.) You can watch my husband's speech to them here:

All in all, it was a great day for the whole family. It was awesome to see old friends, and family we haven't seen for many years. The day was full of many good times, and new memories were made. We are incredibly blessed to have shared their special day with them, and so eager to watch as their lives grow together.

Oh, and my warning- you may not want to listen to these speeches with children around, although there's nothing vulgar in either speech, there are some jabs and adult connotations in them. You may also laugh, very, very hard.


Suzannah October 17, 2010  

"wedding was put together in only about 2 weeks"

Seriously?!? Impressive!

My planning stress was spread out over many, many months...

Glad to hear it all went well.


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