Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit Award

Esther sent me the Christmas Spirit Award. Esther is a very dear friend of mine, and of my family. I am so blessed to know Esther! Check out her blog at Sweet Dove In The Wind.

So my part is to list five things I love about Christmas and then give the award to some of my blog friends, who can then pass it to their friends.

1) I love getting together with my family. Now that I am 1500 miles away from most of them, Christmas is the time that my immediate family and our dear friends can get together and celebrate Christmas together.

2) I love getting all the photo cards and traditional cards from our extended friends and family. There are some people that I barely talk to through the year, but on Christmas, it's our time to catch up with each other.

3) SNOW! I know I live in Florida now, but there's something about that cool, crisp smell that's in the air when it snows. A couple of times this year I almost thought I smelled it!

4) Decorating around the house! We put up our lights very late this year, but the tree looks beautiful!

5) The joy in my children's eyes the whole season long! My children love the carols, and lights through the neighborhood.



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