Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh.... Taking a holiday. Sort of.

I officially have the same bug my little buggers had last week. I cannot breathe out of my nose, if you paid me to, and when I exhale hard, I sound like wheezy the penguin from "Toy Story". Gaaah! Didn't I mention, I am OVER being sick! I need a new immune system.. My husband swears by taking alfalfa.. We don't have any in the house, so yesterday I sent him to the store to get a couple of things for dinner, and he came home with a container of Alfalfa Sprouts! He ate the whole thing last night.. it looked like he was eating grass. Totally not on my list of things to do. ;o) Anywhoo-- Being that my head feels like a hot air balloon, I will be taking a brief hiatus so I can get well, and give away some more exciting things! I think I might do a 5 day entry for a gift card.. to treat you to something you WANT for the holidays, as opposed to something some aunt you only see once a year gives you out of sheer obligation. LOL! Ok, rambling done for now.. *squeak* Gotta see if this medicine works now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Scrappin' Jackie December 19, 2008  

hope u r feeling better soon. we are passing it back and forth in this house since early Nov and it stinks.
my entire paycheck has gone to the pediatrician in the last 7 weeks. ugh.


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