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Leap Frog Leapster Customer Service & Product Review

For my first review, I chose to do one of my favorite products, and a company who's customer service goes above and beyond to help their consumers. Two Christmases ago Santa brought a Leapster for my son, Alex. The green & silver package was all my son wanted.. he was three at the time. The graphics were cool and not "too babyish", many popular characters plastered all over the movies and TV kept the interest of my son, and the games are jam packed with math, reading, & writing too! The buttons were easy for his little fingers to grasp, and the body was durable enough for his tough attitude. The pen was easy to write with, and made writing his letters even more fun on the touch sensitive screen. He learned new ways of counting, and adding, spelling and reading. What more could a mom want in a gaming system for her child?

He played with it for months, until Christmas rolled around again, and Santa brought him a Leapster TV system. The joystick was thick and easy for his hands to manipulate, the buttons perfect for action packed games. All of the cartridges are interchangeable from the portable unit to the Leapster TV, and I enjoyed the functionality of it.

Again, he played with it for months, and then right before summer, lost interest. I thought the phase had ended.. it truly broke my heart.

Alex started school this past August and a few of the kids in his class were excited about the release of WALL-E, the Disney Pixar movie, for Leapster, and he requested that we dig it out. We tried to turn on the hand held unit, and even with brand new batteries, it just wouldn't turn on. I have no idea what happened, it was completely dead.. my son was crushed. So I called Leap Frog and talked to their customer service representative. She walked me through a couple of steps and after a few moments instructed me to send it back. I was told that if they could fix it, they would, and if they couldn't they would send me a brand new one. The fixed or new Leapster was supposed to come in 4-6 weeks.. it came in about 2! My son was ecstatic!! Now he could play his new game, and take it to grandma's house as well. What could be better? He decided playing it on the Leapster TV would be even cooler, so we plugged it in, and added new batteries, and uh-oh.. the same thing happened. I called customer service, and they walked me through some steps again, told me how to reconnect the controller, and wallah- it worked!!

Very rarely do I find a company that not only makes excellent products, but that has amazing customer service. I *highly* recommend the Leapster or Leapster2 for your son or daughter this holiday season. I love purchasing stuff that is durable and has an ability to stay a part of my son's activities for months, rather than weeks. Three Christmases later, we are still playing with both the Leapster and Leapster TV.. and have had no more problems or issues. If we did, I have full confidence in the staff in the Leap Frog Customer service department. You will not be dissatisfied with this system, and your child will learn in Leaps and Bounds!

P.S. As my first give away, I am running a week long contest for entries to win an "I SPY CHALLENGER" Leapster game. This game is recommended for children in 1st-4th grade. Retail value: $25

Tell me what game is your child's favorite Leapster Game, or if you are getting the Leapster or Leapster2 for your child for the holidays, why you chose Leap Frog over the other companies.

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Winner will be chosen at random on 12/12/08 from all entries received.
Happy Holidays!


Erin Tales December 06, 2008  

I would love to win this for either Keeg or my nephew. Can't decide. Keeg is getting a Leapster for his birthday. But my nephew has one now. I dont have a favorite game, but I do buy games or my nephew - so the last one I bought him was Star Wars for his Leapster because he loves Star Wars. Good answer? LOL!

Erin Tales December 06, 2008  

I tweeted from theMomBuzz.

speak2erin (at) gmail (dot) com

valerie2350 December 06, 2008  

ISpy is always a favorite in our home :)

valerie2350 December 06, 2008  

blogged it

valerie2350 December 06, 2008  

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Staci December 06, 2008  

My son is getting a Leapster for Christmas this year. We chose Leapster over the others because of all the reviews I've read on each one. The durability and level of interest seems to be much higher in the Leapster, than the other systems. I'm sure his favorite game will be Animal Genius, since he's obsessed with all things animal.
Thanks for the chance to enter!

Staci December 06, 2008  

Just tweeted (MommaStaciA).

Melinda December 06, 2008  

We;ve also have awesome customer service with Shaun's Leapster. His favorite game is Numbers on the Run, Counting on Zero.

Melinda December 06, 2008  

I blogged!!!!

The Brown Family December 06, 2008  

We have a leapster for Kirsten. I think her favorite games are the built in ones - esppecially the drawing/art one. Maybe thats b/c she's always losing the cartridges though. :) I bet she'd LOVE the iSpy game!

Kat Attack December 06, 2008  

My son loves his Leapster. His favorite game is Nemo.

Kat Attack December 06, 2008  

I also cc emailed you and several of my friends. Thanks!!

Scrappin' Jackie December 10, 2008  

Joshy has luved his hand held Leapster since he got it last Christmas. I do NOT luv the fact that it EATS batteries, but no biggie.
One thing I can say for sure is that although they came out with a new and improved model(don't they always?) the games are all interchangeable. That says alot about the company,
Hope u r well,
Scrappin Jackie
AKA Mommy and Jax

Shasta December 11, 2008  

My sons are Leapster addicts! My oldest got a Leapster for Christmas 2 years ago and now my middle son plays it too. It's one of their most favorite things! I know they would love the I Spy game because they love the I Spy books. I think their favorite Leapster game right now is probably Ratatouille!


Lauren ~aka Mommy~ December 13, 2008  

This Blog Contest is Closed! Thanks for all of the entries!! Best wishes and good luck! WINNER ANNOUNCED TOMORROW, 12-13-08.


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