Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mischievous Monday

What kind of trouble happens when it's quiet? You know, that way-too-quiet-they-must-be-getting-into-something, quiet? My kids are the best at finding unusual things to tear into, and it's usually within seconds!

This long weekend was great, Brian and I were able to reorganize the kids rooms, and rearrange their furniture to make it more functional. We set up Abbie's new kitchen set, and put the teeny tiny fake food in little rubbermaid containers, and called it a day. In Alex's room, we took all his broken or missing toys and laid them to rest, and organized his closet. *That* made a huge difference! Brian moved his toy box next to his bed, (which I didn't think I was going to like), but it's perfect there. His train table is accessible in the middle-ish of his room, and I cleaned the bathroom. Phew.

Today, Bri had to go back to work, and I think he laced the milk.. lol. The kids were bouncing off the walls more than they have EVER before! I didn't know what to do. We played 'Trouble', watched movies, colored on the side walk, went to an appointment that I thought was today, that was really next week (oops!) and delivered a Christmas gift to my best friend, Jenn. Then we came home and played more games, colored more on the driveway, and watched some more cartoons. I couldn't get into a groove today, if you paid me! Finally, when things are winding down, and dinner is in the oven, the buzz from Brian's car approaches... Alex hears it, and bolts to the door the fastest I've ever seen him run, leaping over a stuffed animal in the hallway and SCREAMS, "YAAAAY, DADDY'S HOME!!!!" To which Abbigaile comes tearing around the corner like her bum is on fire, screaming, "Daddy home, Daddy home! MA-MA, DAD-E HOME!" Oy!

They tackle him before he's over the threshold, and I warn him that they've been purely bonkers all day long, and he assures me it can't be that bad. After about 10 minutes, he's changed his mind indefinitely. I head back into the kitchen and Bri goes to clean up from work, I send the children into Alex's room to play with his trains. In the time it took Bri to wash up, and me to mix instant mashed potatoes, I realize it's WAY too quiet, so as Bri kisses me hello, I ask him to check on the kids. We all know that when kids of any age are amazingly quiet, one of two things happen. They are either sound asleep, or into something they're not supposed to be.

I'll give you one lucky guess which one my two monkeys are doing.. And it's not sleeping! ;o)

Pro's: Can be vacuumed right up after children play with it without permission.

Blue sand smushed into carpet is much more difficult to vacuum up.


Erin Tales December 30, 2008  

LOL! Looks like only Erica really appreciates Moon Sand.

Esther Ruth December 30, 2008  

Oh boy Lauren! What a day. I had one of those yesterday also, with the children being so crazy. And Sarah, Peter and I cleaned *their* room yesterday! Hope today goes better...I'm already looking forward to Thursday...or Wednesday night!

It's an adorable photo though!

Lauren @4BabyAndMom December 30, 2008  


I *like* Moon Sand.. in a very controlled environment. On a tan carpet.. not so much. ;o)

Lee Allport December 30, 2008  

I seriously hate that stuff. I kid you not it makes me crazy. Jason asks every single day if he can play with it and every single day I say NO WAY!!! I need to throw it away. Yes, our friend Erica at BTB is the only person who appreciates this stuff, seriously!



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