Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold & Flu Season has hit us!

"Mom-eeeeeeeeeeee, my eye won't oh-pin!" Is what I woke up to this morning, instead of the beautiful smile of my two and a half year old, Abbigaile.

Sure enough, her little lashes were goopy, and she had a snotty nose and a fever. We've been battling the allergies for several weeks.. Alex had a couple nebulizer treatments, and it seemed to help. Between his hacking last night and Abbie's fever & snot explosion, I am completely certain the stuffiness in my sinuses and ears are no longer allergy related. I popped some sudafed.. er, Wal-phed, to hopefully clear my head, but the body aches and exhaustion today have me pooped!

Eh. Tomorrow I have an appointment with their pediatrician in the afternoon.. now we just need to make it until then! Wish me luck!


April December 11, 2008  

I hope you all get well soon. My daughter, Abby, and I are both dealing with colds right now. It's definitely no fun.

Lauren ~aka Mommy~ December 13, 2008  

Hope you and your Abby feel better soon! Colds stink! Turns out my Abbie and Alex both have a sinus infection.. Fun times! At least they have some antibiotics to help kick it's butt! Good Luck momma! <3


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