Friday, December 26, 2008

Check this product out! Löopa Bowl @ Go Graham Go!

As a newbie blogger, I have been surfing the web today looking for what types of products other bloggers are talking about. To the right, I have a button for GO GRAHAM GO! and have participated in several contests and read some great reviews, and today I happened to stumble upon this review and giveaway for a Löopa Bowl.

Although it looks like something from out of space, this bowl is made to withstand the abuse toddlers dish out on their snack bowls or plates. Solid foods will not spill, no matter how they flip, turn, run, or sit with it. The weighted bottom allows for the inner bowl to turn in a full 360 degree sphere of safety, and
Voila!- cheerios and goldfish all over the living room floor are a thing of the past!

With it's awesome price point, (about $7.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond), this product is DEFINITELY on my list of must haves for parents of Toddlers.. heck, I think I might even get one for my almost 6 year old! Amazing! Bravo to Brad and Melinda Shepherd for creating the one and only Löopa bowl and thank you to Felicia, from Go Graham Go! for introducing me to this incredible product!

Click here to see the Löopa bowl in action, and for your chance to win one!
Giveaway closes January 2nd, 2009


Erin Tales December 29, 2008  

Go Graham Go is definitely a must-read blog. :)

Felicia February 24, 2009  

Thank you so much for this sweet review!!!! You are so kind!


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