Monday, December 15, 2008


Drawn anonymously, the winner is ADREON! Congratulations!!! Please contact 4babyandmom [at] gmail [dot] com ASAP! Thanks! Happy Holidays!!!


Heather December 15, 2008  

Congrats Adreon!

Danielle & Josh Tavares December 15, 2008  

Hey lady!! It's me :-) Danielle..I have a blog!!! Come see mine!

Polka Dot Pancake December 16, 2008  

Yay! I know she'll be so excited!

Adreon December 23, 2008  

YAAY! I've never won anything before and because I'm not working and my husband and i have 4 kids between the both of us I haven't been able to buy anything from Callie and Brandi :( :( which makes me extremely sad because I love them and their stuff. I'm hoping after the first of the year I'll be able to lol.

Anyways... sorry it's taken so long to reply but we've been having computer problems.

Thank you so much! I'm so very excited!!


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