Monday, January 26, 2009

Ever Wonder How to Save Money the Easy Way?

Funky Cheapskate Mama Blog
I just have to write today about one of my new favorite blogs, FunkyCheap$kateMama! The writer, Jamie, is a frugal, super-cool momma of two, and always finds the BEST "Hot Deals" anywhere!

I stumbled upon this blog while looking up Shutterfly coupon codes, because I LOVE Shutterfly! Most of the items I purchase through shutterfly are free due to some amazing coupon offer, and sure enough, I found a FREE CALENDAR offer!

Although FunkyCheap$kateMama is a fairly new blog, the posts are well written, to the point, and exactly what you're looking for, if you want to save some extra cash. Normal everyday items that go on sale or clearance, free items or coupon codes, and extra ideas to save money (like double coupon days at favorite retailers!) are examples of some of the deals you'll find!

So do your wallet a favor and check out FunkyCheap$kateMama now!



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