Friday, January 2, 2009

Fantastic Friday! Free Children's Activities & Crafts 'No Time For Flashcards' Website Review

Another rainy or snowy day in December passes as your children tell you for the 9 millionth time, “Mommy, I’m bored!” You’ve played about 42 games of Candy Land, colored all of the pages in the My Little Pony coloring book Santa brought, and organized the Legos to replica the pyramids in Egypt 10 times over.. what do you have left to do? The school break is almost over, and my children, along with many others are becoming quite stir crazy.

Thankfully a former preschool teacher, director, camp leader, Mom, and wife, Allie, put together one of the best preschool activity sites to date! NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS was developed as a resource of activities for young children that promote play, discovery and learning. Children are intrigued by the sounds of songs in familiar tunes, lessons that are easy to follow, and crafts made with everyday items found around the house.

I met Allie, author at NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS , on BabyTalkBio , an online parenting community. Instantaneously, my children and I fell in love with the arts & crafts, as well as all of the songs and book reviews Allie posts. Abbigaile is almost 3 and her favorite thing to do is watch the songs preformed on NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS . She sits and mimics the hand movements, bops & dances to the music, and giggles with every funny facial expression. She asks for me to play them over, and over, and over again! My son. Alex, is almost 6 and loves recognizing the tunes. The words to the songs are always sung to a familiar tune, such as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". The crafts are easy enough for my daughter and interesting enough for my son. We've made homemade crayons, a rainbow of colors, and even tried today's post on NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS - Free Art Friday, Yogurt Finger Painting.

Allie's beautiful son models all the arts and crafts, and readers often submit pictures of their creations. If you've never heard of NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS, be sure to check out the Top 10 of 2008 for fabulous ideas to help your children stay active, learn new and exciting things, all through free play and their own creativity. The possibilities are endless and with the help of No Time For Flashcards, you and your child will never have to be bored again!


Heather January 03, 2009  

NTFFC rocks!!

I'm just the MOM January 04, 2009  

finally got a chance to visit the site...and all i can say is wow! GREAT stuff!


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