Monday, January 5, 2009

Mischievous Monday, Remind Me Not to Buy Cereal with Toys in the Bottom Anymore.

Another week has passed, and I almost made it through without a topic to post. We did some errands in the morning and then headed to the grocery store before heading home about 12:30. Today was Alex's last day at home before he goes back to school tomorrow, and with our groceries in tow, I get an epiphany.

"Who wants to go on a PICNIC?"

"MEEEEEEEEE!" pipes two voices from the depths of the minivan.

"But Mommy, we need a basket with two openings.. Do we have a basket?"

"I think we can find something."

We head home and unpack the groceries, make sandwiches, pack some tostitos, and cookies, juice, cups, and plates in a shopping bag, and start basket hunting. I know I have baskets, several to be exact, but none have an opening like a picnic basket, none except....

"I FOUND A PERFECT PICNIC BASKET, MOMMY!" as all of the sporadic toys that find their way into the living room bounce onto the tiled floor, fleeing from the bottom of the toy basket that rescued them from the vacuum or toss pile.

We quickly clean them up, and throw our food, blanket, and miscellaneous picnic stuff into this basket and head to the park. We set up the blanket, and enjoyed the best bologna and cheese sandwiches ever. The kids had a blast listening to Nature, and discovering all of the new and different sounds we could hear if we really listened. We cleaned up, threw the basket back into the car, and then played at the park for awhile.

We come home, and notice that the mailman dropped off a late Christmas present from my Aunt that lives in upstate NY. The kids dove into the presents and within seconds were both occupied cooking with a new pot and pan set and serving it on princess plates, and playing with this year's Hess truck.

I knew they were sitting on the couch, and playing in the living room, so I figured I'd jump online for 5 minutes and look for an email from an old friend. The computer is within eye and earshot of the living room, and in order to leave the living room, they'd have to either walk past me, climb over the back of the couch, or fly. Not even three minutes after I sat down, I hear some crinkling and laughter from my son's bedroom. What?! How'd they get in there?! Why do they find mischief in the bedrooms?!?

I open the door, thinking I've caught them before all havoc broke loose and discover this:
Yeah, that's Rice Krispies.. EVERYWHERE.

Why, you ask, would a child do that?
"I just wanted to get the toy out of the bottom for me and Abbigaile to play with."
This was the first- AND LAST- box of cereal I will buy with a toy in it.


Heather January 06, 2009  

Just b/c there isn't a toy in the bottom doesn't mean they won't look. ;)

Esther Ruth January 06, 2009  

Aww, Lauren, sorry I am laughing. It was an interesting read even though you already told me the story last night.

Well, I LOVE the park photos!!!! The one with both children on the blanket is such an awesome photo!!! I am so glad you all enjoyed the outdoors together, and the sounds of nature, and beauty of God's creation!!!

Love you:)

Lauren @4BabyAndMom January 06, 2009  

Thanks Esther!

Aw man, Heather! LOL! You never really know how teeny Rice Krispies are until they're everywhere. LOL!

Morgan January 07, 2009  

I hope they got a whole lot of use out of that toy!!!


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