Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vista vs. XP, or Go for a Mac?

I really think my computer is dying. It's lived a full, long life, and I am finally ready to part with it. It's been upgraded from a WIN98se to a WIN XP pro twice, and now after three crashes, reformatting several times, buying a ton of components & extras and recently a new hard drive, I realized I could have bought another two computers! Ugh!

Anyway, this year I have been researching different brands of desktops and laptops, as my husband assured me that this tax return we could make an investment in that area- and I CANNOT wait!

Since I was in middle school, my parents, friends, and neighbors have asked me to help them with various computer issues, and frankly- I have no idea why I never went into some sort of fancy computer job. If I had to give a definitive answer to that at this exact second, it's because when you talk to me about RAM, I think you're talking about a Dodge truck. (Yeah, I'm a little bit of a tomboy.) It's the technical words and phrases that spin me in loops, so you can only imagine how it's been researching the next computer or laptop in our lives!

Thankfully, God gave me a husband who knows ALL of the computer technical terms and can help clarify all the differences.. but honestly, to be a fly on the wall at the electronics store would have you in stitches. No matter how many times he explains, I still don't get it!

So tell me readers, what type of a desktop do you own? What type of a laptop do you own? If it's a PC, do you really hate Vista as much as my mother? Which do you prefer, XP or Vista? Pro or Home? What's the difference? For those of you that have a Mac, why do you prefer it over a PC? Tell me more!

Background: We are not huge gamers. Our idea of an exciting game is Roller Coaster Tycoon.. Well, for my son and my husband. I personally only play on Pogo or BigFish. I do a lot of creating on my computer.. basic graphics, buttons, headers, signatures for message boards, personal photos, etc. I have never used my Adobe Photoshop, because my computer would crash if I installed it. I would love the ability (memory? disk space?) to do more. We do not download any movies or watch dvds or webisodes on our computer. I think that's basically it. Thanks in advance for your input, your advice is greatly appreciated!


Melinda-LookWhatMomFound January 27, 2009  

Dude, I got a Dell
actually both our laptop and desktops are Dells. I love them, thier support is great and they last a while

Waterrose January 27, 2009  

Believe it or not we have a Mac and two PCs, one with XP and one with Vista. I've used both the mac and windows xp forever. Hubby has the laptop with Vista...I just about threw that laptop out the window! It was so frustrating and not intuitive at all. I LOVE MY MAC! If I want to add software it's no problem. I do a lot of graphics with Adobe Creative Suite. I play games. I watch tv on my computer while I work or play. No security issues with viruses...it's heaven.

theUNdesperateHousewife January 28, 2009  

I LOVE MY MAC. Easy to use and great for photos, movies, internet

Heather January 29, 2009  

I have an iMac desktop computer and an IBM Windows laptop. If the laptop hadn't been a hand-me-down, we would be an exclusively Mac household. I purchased my iMac over 2 1/2 years ago and haven't had one problem with it (knock on wood). It's a little slower than it used to be in the beginning, but after it's still going strong!

Before I was given the laptop I did install Windows XP on the Mac via Parallels. With dual monitors it was like having a Mac and a PC side by side. I loved it.

Sydney B. January 30, 2009  

I love our laptop with Windows Vista... however, I wouldn't recommend HP, we've had a ton of hardware issues with it, and now, it doesn't turn on at all. :( I've heard MAC's are AWESOME when it comes to graphic design, so I'd say go with a MAC!

♥ Sydney


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