Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flip Mino Review

Our camcorder is a DINOSAUR. Seriously, we've had it since our first vacation to Florida, in 2000. It's gone through two births, three relocations, and many birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

We were in desperate need of a new solution to recording our memories, and with everything digital now-a-days, we found it difficult to copy the tiny cassettes into VHS or even DVD format and send them to our relatives 1500 miles away. Thankfully, our new friends at FLIP gave us the opportunity to review the Flip Mino hand held video camcorder.

This camcorder is the size of an average cell phone, super teeny, slim, and absolutely amazing. The clarity of the picture and sound is just unbelievable! I am very impressed as of yet, and so is my husband!

We've only had a chance to use it a couple of times since we received it, and in a few moments Brian will be uploading all of the video we shot to our computer. (He called dibs as soon as I mentioned it!)

The Flip has a USB port that flips out of the top of this device, which allows you to plug it into your computer and upload all of your videos at the click of a button. The videos can then be edited, and emailed to relatives, mixed to create montages and movie mixes, and even burn DVD's. I've read other reviews that have said that the formatting for the DVD file hasn't allowed them to actually achieve the end result as of yet, but I know that there's talk of software upgrades. I know for sure we will be testing this out soon.

All of the software is built into the Flip itself, so there's no fumbling for CD's or registration keys when trying to install or use the product. The portability of the product is perfect for long trips, quick outings that you just want to bring it for, or any other event that you could think of.

We've taped Alex playing soccer on his first official "team". I cannot wait to send that to our family back up in NY!

I am very eager and excited to experience the FLIP. I will be posting again, and I am sure (if I can figure out how to embed the videos!) you'll see some clips throughout our pages.

Special thanks to our friends at Flip for sending us the Mino to review!



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