Monday, May 4, 2009

Triple case of Strep Throat!

UGH! So after Alex's field day on Thursday, I ended up pulling him out early, because I realized he was not over heated, but had a fever. The Clinic checked his temp, and it was a 101 and change. Alex is one of those kids that usually spike over 105 in three point two seconds, so I came home, gave him some motrin, and sent him to bed. Sure enough, in the middle of the night he woke up on fire. After I got him to go back to sleep, Abbigaile woke up with a raging fever and case of the sweats. I took them in to see the pedi on Friday, and sure enough, both strep tests came back positive. We came home, got the scripts filled and then were greeted by our new Build-A-Bear Seal! They went on antibiotics, and have been taking them as directed, and Sunday I wake up feeling like my throat is the size of Giants stadium! I tried to sleep it out, and keep hydrated, but this am after bringing Alex to school (he's been fine), I decided to trek to the ER. I needed to be rehydrated, and had swabs up the wazoo to be tested for "swine flu" even though I told them that I knew what I had, as we (all 4 of us) just went through this in freaking NOVEMBER!

Long story a lot shorter, I was able to eat won ton soup and some white rice tonight for dinner. I've been crazy thirsty, but cannot find anything that doesn't feel like I am swallowing sandpaper. The case worker and Baby-Daddy extended his visitation so I can get on the antibiotics for 24 hours, (which is actually great, because we don't need a preemie getting strep).

So that, in a nutshell is what's been going on in my world since Thursday. The winner of the gift card to Faithworks Boutique will be announced tomorrow! Be sure to check out our awesome giveaways that are ending this week, and keep your eyes open for new giveaways that will be posted this week!


Cindyg May 05, 2009  

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The Jacobsen Family! May 05, 2009  

What a bummer! I'm so sorry you are all going through this! Feel better soon!


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