Friday, May 1, 2009

My 100th Post!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the loyal readers of 4BabyAndMom, and the fantastic companies that have sponsored all of our reviews and giveaways from January until now.. and beyond! I have had much success to date with 4BabyAndMom and I cannot wait to see the amazing things that God continues to put in front of me. I have developed many new talents and frustrations (html codes!!); made many new friends, networked with some very interesting, smart, and fun individuals & companies, and just had a blast while doing it!

I was told right before I started this journey by a dear friend of mine, to set goals. My first thought was that, "If I could make it through the first 5o posts, with a decent amount of followers, I would continue blogging." I blew that away, along with the first 'official' goal I set. I set a magic number in my head and on paper regarding followers on Blogger, by feeds and on Twitter. In the process of obtaining my 'magic number', I found an amazing webinar series by Joel Comm, one of the leading experts on social media for businesses and author on the NY Times Bestseller List. I learned to set higher goals, to surround myself with successful people through social networking outlets and all the rest would flow.

What's higher than a goal that's been labeled 'unacheivable'? I was told that one particular product was going to be "impossible" to get, as the company stopped sending them to mom bloggers. That there were several other mom bloggers that had requested the product and were turned down. I was told that it was a large company and that they would never send it to me, because in the "blogosphere" I was still the newbie on the block. I really wanted to try that particular product, kept my faith, and knew that I would acheive it. Sure enough, that lovely little product has been used more than any other product in my home this week! (No, I'm not going to tell you what it is yet- what's the fun in that?!)

The third goal was to get to BlogHer '09. With all the drama that happened over the last few months, (between my parents and the baby's birth parents), I had to stop conciously working towards that goal, and the conference is now sold out. I've entered a drawing to win tickets, and still have faith that if I am supposed to go, the door will open, but I definitely know that next year- I am there!

My fourth goal is to attend the IzeaFest this coming October. I had such a blast meeting the other mom bloggers, Wendy Piersall and Ted Murphy at Sea World with Alex at the Tweet-up, that I will not let this opportunity pass me by! I am so excited to meet more people that I've seen on twitter and blogs, and the ability to learn from the best.

So that's my goals, in a nutshell. And my experience for the first 100 posts! Help me celebrate by participating in all of the amazing giveaways on my blog this week, and next week! Hurry, before you know it the contests will be over and we'll be at post 200!



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