Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Labor Day.

We decided totally last minute yesterday that we should load up the kids and the Jeep with plenty to eat, drink, and go fishing and to a beach. On Labor Day.

So we did. We packed up the cooler, and loaded it with healthy snacks, junk food, Gatorade, water and more.. And headed North to explore and find someplace new. On Labor Day.

We found a lovely bridge to fish off of in this very old, very small town, that I found out the legendary Babe Ruth actually used to hunt and fish in the quaint little town and it's surrounding area. (How's that for an interesting tidbit??)
After a very unsuccessful fishing trip, we decided to go exploring for a beach that wasn't overly packed. On Labor Day.

As we traveled down a very long and winding road, along the western coastline of Florida, we stumbled upon a dead end that ended us at this beautiful beach- very similar to super fine sand you'd find at Clearwater or Honeymoon Island- but without the crowds of people suffocating every inch of space on the sand, on Labor Day.

We were ecstatic! What was even better, was after we got unpacked, and the sunblock on the kids, we trekked out into the greenish water, and walked into waist-high water.. as we walked, and walked, and walked, we realized that this was pretty much the deepest it got- for the entire swimming area that we were in. (There were several swimming areas and an on shore fishing area that we hadn't gone to.) There was also a playground for the kids, a little snack shack, and a decent sized restroom building that looked very clean. The border of the parking lot was surrounded by covered picnic areas and charcoal grills, perfect for families. We've lived in Florida almost 5 years, where we are right now for about 3 and a half, and never ventured this far north before.. but I am so glad we did- on Labor Day!

Abbigaile was able to stand in the water, which allowed for me to teach both of the kids about swimming in the Gulf, or any body of water with waves. (Yes, the Gulf had waves!) The little swells were perfect, and it was so much fun to watch the kids "go up" on a swell, and down in between. It taught them to be aware of their surroundings, and how to respond to the way in which the tide was rolling in. Growing up on Long Island, I spent most of the summer in the ocean or the bay, and I was so excited to take the time with both children to allow them to get to know the water.. even if it was "just the Gulf".

After our day at the beach, we headed back home, and grilled up some cheddar wurst and hot dogs, and had a mini-Labor Day get together with my Dad and my best girlfriend. All in all, we had an excellent day, except for the massive sunburn I got on my shoulders, upper back and right arm. The good thing that I learned from my unfortunate sun burn experience is that vinegar takes the sting out of sunburn and turns it brown.

The kids fell asleep after their showers and dinner without much complaining, and my friend, husband and I sat and watched "I love you, Man" ..On Labor Day.



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