Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reconnect using!

Forget searching for old classmates individually on all of the social media sites out there, gives you the tools you need to find the person (or people) that you've been looking for!

They take all of the hard work and simplify it to a click of the mouse- all you need is the person's first name, last name and approximate age. MyLife searches thousands of sources, and even does a reverse search to see who's been looking for YOU!

I actually looked up my best friend from Elementary school, and on the second page they actually found her! The process was really easy, and all they needed for me to do was register to their site to see the "expanded profile". I am super excited, because we lost contact about eighteen years ago. Over the years, I had searched myspace and online several times for her but never had much luck. I look forward to reconnecting, and finding out what she's been up to all of this time.

This service would be great helping you to reconnect with long lost loves, old classmates, friends from another state, or even from aother countries!

Check out now, and let me know if they helped you find the person (or people!) that you wanted to reconnect with the most. Good luck, and have fun searching!




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