Friday, September 18, 2009

Win a Brand New LG Bliss Phone with the Lose the Ugly, Find the Bliss Sweepstakes!

Talk about a sweet phone!

Check out the widget on the right-hand side bar to see some examples of what's been submitted as ugly, or what contestants want to lose!

The Lose the Ugly, Find the Bliss Sweepstakes runs from 9/11/09 to 11/6/09. Users can upload an image or video of anything they consider ugly and want to lose onto the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page.

Once you upload your picture you will then be entered to win a brand new LG Bliss phone. The grand prize is the new LG Bliss phone and the secondary prize is a $50 gift card so you can buy your own Bliss!

The Gallery of the Utterly Ugly is where they can lose their ugly stuff to clear the way for more Bliss, as well as browse through other people’s ugly leave-behinds. Examples include:

• Trashy Trends (fabulously ugly fashion)

• Mutant machines (these mutant machines and outdated electronics belong in the junkyard)

• Ugly wonders of nature (naturally occurring wonders that make even the ugly tree look good)

• Ugly-mobiles (rides that are heading non-stop to Ugly Town)

Ugly behavior such as violence, indecency, or illegal activities aren’t tolerated. Photos of people are not allowed.

There will be five grand prize winners and fifty secondary winners, there's plenty of prizes to go around. To enter you must be 18 years or older, one entry per Facebook Account, please.

Be sure to visit the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and submit what you think is UG-LY... I'm thinking of submitting something along the lines of this- What do you think??

Let me know if you've entered- I'd love to see what picture you've submitted! Good Luck!




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