Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Juice, Milk, Eggs.. Grocery Store Confessions- Another Baby, or No?

The other day, (while walking through my local supermarket), I got into a very interesting conversation with a little old lady about having more babies, and enjoying the two I have at this age/stage now.

We turned down the dairy aisle and this voice starts giggling at my children (who at the moment were trying to crash the car-shaped cart into the milk display.) It was moments like that where I honestly thanked God that the plastic steering wheel was "for show" only. Anyway..

She's giggling and I look up abruptly, and she starts telling me how she loved her kids at this age, but that at this stage there was already a third one, and that she has four children- all about 2 and a half years apart from each other. I tried to do the mommy brush-off, but apparently this woman and I were supposed to talk. So we got into it.. right in the dairy aisle, while the kids were playing in the car cart and thankfully before I grabbed our perishables.

I don't know how it came about, but during our conversation I told her that I was worried about adding another child to our chaos, as of right now, I kind of like the two that I have and don't feel out numbered- plus, I'm worried about how the kids will react to having another sibling. (Yes, I know we recently had NewBaby as a part of our family, but that was different than a sibling..)

I mean, have you ever seen the way boys that are 7 years apart act towards each other?? There's no way that Alex would be cool with a little brother- no matter how badly he wants one- shadowing after him... Right?

Brian is itching for another one; Alex wants a brother & Abbie wants a "girl baby for a sister".. and I have no idea what I want. That's the problem.. and I know it. I love my family where it is right now.. I am comfortable with the fact that by the time I am 40, Alex will be 19, and Abbie will be 16.. Another Baby would be turning 13 if I got pregnant at this very second. Whoa. I know it's not the same as having an 11 and 12 year old, and having a newborn at 37 like my mom did, but it's still a huge nut to swallow.

Tell me I'm right, that I'm crazy for even having this conversation with the little old lady in the grocery aisle, and that I should have that same "knowing" feeling that I did before we conceived Abbie, if another one should be added to our family. Tell me your stories of how your children get along, especially if they are about the ages of my two, with number three- or how you get along with your sibling of about the same age.

Ack, I can't even believe I'm publishing this post, but I really need some thoughts on this. I'm starting to think there's something wrong with me.. *sigh*

I don't feel "done" but I don't feel ready- how do you decide?


BabeeLove September 26, 2009  

You're not crazy...just weird, lol :) I have the same thoughts when thinking about adding a 3rd child to our busy lives. While our reason is we can't afford another & don't have room right now. I too think about when I'm 40, how old will my kiddos be and when is a good time to stop having kids. We had ours early because we wanted to be youngER grandparents (or maybe that was me) and be able to do & go places with them. I know I'm not much help, but if it's meant to happen, it'll happen :) Good luck!


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