Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Starfrit Ceram-Eco Friendly Frying Pan Review

I am a kitchen gadget queen. I love to cook and bake, (and my waistline shows it!), but finding healthier, and safer alternatives to the gadgets or tools that I use is always a big plus for me.

I was recently asked to review the new Ceram-Eco Starfrit Alternative Fry Pan. I've tried other eco-friendly cookware before, but I was not impressed. This pan was unlike anything I've tried before, in fact, I would go out on a limb by saying this is the best pan I've ever used! I seriously love it. Love is not even a strong enough word- I promise. The non-stick ceramic coating is perfect for pancakes, french fries, chicken, and more.

Brian loves the fact that not only is this pan eco friendly, but it's oven safe- even the sturdy rubber handle- to 350*. His favorite meal to make is "breakfast pizza" which he usually attempts to flip onto a baking sheet half cooked. Even the thought sounds messy, and yes, it occasionally is.. but not anymore, because he can use this frying pan on the stove and in the oven.

I love the fact that it heats evenly, refuses to let anything stick to it, and is extremely versatile. I love that I can actually flip my pancakes (larger ones, of course!) and that I can just oil it, and it maintains the beautiful, shiny, new pan look. We've had our pan for about a month now, and it's a staple in our everyday cooking routine.

If you like to sautee, this pan might be difficult to use while keeping it on the burner. As long as you lift before you flip and sautee, you'll be fine. I highly reccommend this product, and know that if you give it a try you'll love it as much as I do. This has definitely been added to my list of favorite products for 2009!



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