Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Golly- What a Week... And it's not half over!

Tomorrow I leave for Izea Fest, 2009. I'm super excited, but it's wild how last minute prep tends to take over.. And so does the stress! Alex and Abbigaile were tested for the Swine Flu- thankfully, they did not have it. Alex had some 24 hour virus, and Abbie, thankfully, has been feeling ok.

I found out that two very important people in my family, are getting biopsies on a "mass" that doctors found. The one family member has a mass in her breast, the other on her cervix. Any good thoughts or prayers you could spare would be greatly appreciated.

So this week so far has pretty much gone like this: the friend that I will be rooming with flew down here to a family function in Orlando, I picked her up on Monday, got a $250 speeding ticket, battled possible H1N1, had my friend print me out business cards because the ones I ordered didn't come in in time, paid the water bill-twice, visited my sister in the ER (no, she doesn't have a mass), re-painted the trim and doors in my house, shopped until I dropped, allowed my roommate to spray paint my coffee table black, and tried not to lose my sanity. I'm exhausted, and fully looking forward to a full night of sleep without anyone tugging at me, waking up in the middle of the night, or after I finally fall asleep having the alarm whine rhetorically across the room.

I still need to buy extra batteries for my camera, and pack.. but I think I can manage that tonight and tomorrow morning without collapsing. I can't shake the feeling that I'm forgetting something.. Any suggestions?


BabeeLove October 03, 2009  

Oh gosh...I hope your week went better and that you had fun at Izea Fest. I always get the feeling I have forgotten something every time we go some where.


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