Monday, July 6, 2009

Fragrances for Kids

I need your opinons. While updating some of my codes, I realized my sponsored ad (Great for Beauty, Cosmetics Site!) carries Children's Fragrances.

I remember being young and having a Little Bo-Peep styled Avon perfume, but the ones I just found were "Backyardigans for Men", "Backyardigans for Women", Cinderella, Cars, Barbie, and Kung Fu Panda, to name a few.

They are reasonably priced, (as are the rest of the fragrance collections for grown adults), but I had NO idea that perfumes were available or targeted for children that little. Personally, I've never seen them at Macy's or the Disney Store and I think perhaps Christmas time I may have seen some Tinkerbell or High School Musical perfume, but I don't actively shop for children's scents.

I must have been about eleven when I had the Bo-Peep Avon perfume.. I don't see any eleven year olds eagerly watching the Backyardigans- even with their younger siblings. I'm not upset with the sponsor, but I.. well, I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, and wanted to write to see what you all thought. What are your opinions? Feedback?

I look forward to hearing your responses!


Auroras_Garden July 07, 2009  

I remember back in the day we had Loves Baby Soft. Mom bought me some of that when I was 11 or so..I am like you and not sure how to feel about childrens fragrances. Perfume is something (in my mind) used to attract another person, or get their attention thru scent. It dont sit well with me to have perfume for kids, but at the same time if its a fun fruity scent or candy scent for fun, then maybe its OK?? I have some soaps I recommend for kids...but again its soap that is scented, not a perfume...I am in the same boat with ya, on the fence...

Leah October 25, 2009  

I am actually in the middle of creating a kids line in my all natural product range, and have been tossing up the whole kids perfume idea - I think it is something for us "older people" and will most likely stick with scented products - and essential oils.

Leah :)


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