Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I need your help and suggestions!

My daughter.. The littlest love of my life, pain in my butt, super cute, fantabulous, little whiner, interesting, smarty pants- lost my earrings. *MY* earrings, from when I was a little girl. The only ones she wouldn't pull off, that have been on her ears forever, that she finally learned to pull off. The ones that I feverishly check her ears everyday, several times, just to make sure she still has them on- yeah, those earrings. (Which you can click on the picture from her b-day in February below to see them in more detail.) This is where I need your help... Don't make fun of me!

When it comes to jewelry- I am completely jewelry illiterate. I don't know ANYTHING about jewelry- (thank goodness my husband does!) The one thing he doesn't know about especially, is earrings. They are simple, pretty little pearls that dangle from a gold clasped-hoop thing. I have no idea what it's called- Do you? How do I call a jeweler and ask if they have something like this, if I don't know what it is? Ack!

Where do you buy your jewelry from? It's been so long since I've bought myself jewelry, or my children "good" jewelry. When I lived in NY, I'd head to the flea market- home to aisles of jewelers ready to bid their way into your pocketbook. Or if we didn't go there looking for something original or standard (like a chain, or a repair) we'd head to the local jeweler, who my cousin works for. I haven't bought jewelry for anyone in at least 4 years, since we moved down here.

Where do I go? What do I do? Do you buy gold earrings with pearls from online? What if they're too big, or too small?? How long will it take for her holes to close?? This is what I get for not being overly girly-girl! (Can you tell I'm panicking?)

I've searched everywhere, we even ripped up their carpet last weekend- (not related)- and moved their room to the other room, and despite searching high and low, the earrings are no where to be seen or heard of. When asked where they were, Abbigaile simply replied, "In my bed", and I assure you they are no where near her bed, under her bed, on her bed, in her sheets, the pillows- nothing. I am heartbroken. I know they are just earrings, but they're sentimental, and I don't have the money to be replacing these right now!

Somebody please put my mind at ease, and tell me what to do!


Joops July 22, 2009  

usually we find things in the trash can... the culprit, our little ornery fella in the house hehehe... you'll find it..

marveling July 22, 2009  

awwwww, maybe she put it in her closet or in her toy closet..

MomAtHome July 23, 2009  

Don't be too hard on your little one I lose earings all the time let me re-phrase that, I lose "gold earings"all the time. I just recently lost three different pairs I always seem to leave home with them adn come back without them. You should be able to go to any jewelry store to find some like yours take a pic with you if you have to and if they don't have it instore they could probably order for you if you have a pic


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