Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visit Sears to Get Your Student Campus Ready!

When I was in college, money seemed to squeak, it was so tight. Between balancing full time school and part time work, and if you were lucky you could tutor for a couple quick bucks, no matter how you worked it, there never seemed to be enough.

As a college student you eat meals made of Ramen, scrimp and borrow money from whomever you can, whenever you can.

Sears Campus Ready makes it easier on college students with fabulous deals on clothing and accessories, as well as dorm room and apartment essentials. They even offer reload-able gift cards that can be purchased before your college student takes off, and parents can reload it online or in Kmart or Sears stores whenever funds are low.

If you know someone that is going off to college, be sure to check out the Facebook application that Sears has created to help assist your college student to be "Campus Ready" - CampusReady on Facebook. Design your dorm room, check out the gift getter, and Roommate Matchup to see what you and your new roommate have in common, or don't have in common.

I don't have a college student, but I do have an elementary schooler, who I've already begun my shopping at Sears with. Last year, I scored some amazing steals and deals, and this year I've gotten some great outfits at a fraction of the normal cost.

Check out to find great savings now!



Lynda July 28, 2009  

I showed my daughter (going to UCLA next year) the sears dorm designer. I am now more uncool, as she already uses a service called, which she claims is better. Can you review the two products side by side? On another note, what are your thoughts on these types of websites taking away time with our children to share the moving into college experience together? I was looking forward to shopping with my daughter for dorm supplies, but a lot of that will be taken away by technology (despite it being really cool services). Thanks, and keep up the great work!


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