Friday, July 31, 2009

I Need Potty Training HELP!!

potty_trainingAbbigaile started potty training about a year or so ago. She was doing fabulous- every poopie and pee-pee on the potty, no accidents, absolute perfection! Then, one morning she woke up, crossed her arms and said, "I no go pee-pee on the potty, Mommy. No poopies eee-bur!"

So, I figured we'd take a break, let her tell me when she was ready, and go from there.

She started re-potty training earlier this summer. Now you think for a kid that was almost 100% potty trained, potty training round two should go super easy. Nope, not with Abbigaile.

We got the movies, the Dora panties, the reward chart- the whole nine yards. My dilemma now is that about half of the time that she wears a pair of underwear, she has an accident. When she's NOT wearing underwear, she's touching her butt, pointing and touching her privates, and showing Alex. We've had the conversation that her privates are her privates, and that there's yucky germs in her butt, and nobody should see or touch her privates (except during diaper changes, etc), even bribing her with school- but she just can't seem to stop.

We are not a household that's bashful when it comes to our bodies.. we don't walk around naked, but the kids have seen us in our underwear. Potty training with Alex was obviously different, so I am at a loss.

Any suggestions on getting her to be potty savvy in time for school, and keeping her "privates" private?


collyn23 July 31, 2009  

sounds like youve tried it all I am going through potty training right now with my 3 year old but I do have to remind her not to touch down there that it is yucky best things for me was instead of bribing her for a treat after a week I just give her a sticker and a small candy every time she pees or poos in the potty so incentive. lots of praise also when she goes and alot of disappointment when she doesnt has really helped me. I hope you get something that works its hard good luck!

Anonymous,  July 31, 2009  

How old is Abbigaile? My daughter, Katie, will be three in a few months. When we switched our youngest to cloth diapers about a month ago, we said ok, time for her to be potty trained (no more diaper buying for us!)... So, we put her in big girl underwear and that was that. She figured out she didn't like peeing on herself pretty fast. Sometimes she has a few accidents during nap/bedtime, but that's about it. We went the same route with or older son. Right before his 3rd birthday, we just took away the diapers. The walking around naked, touching body parts... I think it's normal. Katie does it too & it drives me crazy! It doesn't bother her or the other kids, so I try not to get too concerned. I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't. Just stick with it, don't give in to her. Use positive reinforcement, and make sure she sees that everyone is so proud of her when she uses the potty. I had her call daddy and her grandparents when she first started using the potty to tell them the exciting news. When they were excited, she was even more excited.

Good luck to you! :)


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