Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Go a Little Nuts with Nature Valley Nut Clusters!

Finding a healthy snack that the entire family likes is very difficult in our house. We can never seem to find the right combination of sweet, salty and crunchy. Thanks to My Blog Spark, we recently had the opportunity to try the new Nature Valley Nut Clusters. These crunchy granola and nut snacks are available in four different flavors, Nut Lovers, Honey Roasted Peanut, Roasted Almond, and Roasted Cashew.

My husband felt like a "real dad" crunching on his favorite, Roasted Cashew. The kids loved the Honey Roasted Peanut, and I loved the Nut Lovers one the best! The Roasted Almond was also rather yummy.. none of the bags made it to the weekend!

The pro's:

  • These bite sized nutty granola bites are perfect to pack for a road trip, or with your lunch.
  • They don't crumb very easily, so less mess means a happier mom!
  • Easy to watch portions! Whether you're counting calories, points, or just watching your snacking, these Nut Clusters make it easy to munch!

The con's:
They are super hard and crunchy, I wish they were available in "chewy". Other than that, we really have no complaints- which is a rarity in our house!

All in all, Nature Valley Nut Clusters has become a quick favorite at our home, and we can't wait for them to hit the shelves!

Thank you Nature Valley, and My Blog Spark for this opportunity.



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