Thursday, July 2, 2009

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Gently up the streeeeeeeet. Ok, that was my new version of an old classic. I don't know how many of you watch the weather in other parts of the country, but the Eastern (and North East!) seaboard has taken a beating with rain over the last month! Florida hasn't really, until this week!

It seriously rained ALL day today. Now, for most parts of the country, when it's a rainy day- it rains all day. However, down here the weather has a totally different attitude! When the local weather station calls for rain, typically that means that for about 15 minutes 2-4 times during the day it's going to rain. In Florida (or at least my part of Florida) it literally could be pouring in your front yard, and sunny in the back. Not today.
Flood watch is the understatement of the year! LOL! Normally, during heavy rain my street becomes a raging river rapid, today it was just the same. My son's BFF lives literally around the corner and down five houses. This afternoon, his friends mom called me and asked how we were doing with the flooding. This is how our conversation went:

"Hey Lauren! I'm just calling to see how you guys are doing with the flooding."

-"Oh, we're allright. The backyard looked like a pond about an hour ago, and the street still has a lot of water in it, but nothing horribly out of the norm.. How about you?"

"{chuckles} Considering the fact that a fish just swam across my driveway from the pond, I'm just happy it's not up to my door."

-"..wait..Did you just say a FISH?!"

"Yeah, and tadpoles. The kids think its hysterical.. there's got to be a foot and a half of water in the road in front of my house."

A foot and a half of POND water! The pond in our neighborhood gets all the sewer water from our community- HOLY COW! It not only overflowed, but traveled up the road, and around the corner (on the block where my friend lives!). During a break from the storm, my kids and I walked up the road to visit, and I can genuinely tell you that for the 3 years we've owned our home I have never seen it that bad! Her whole section of the road was closed off with the orange and white traffic caution barracade things.. and later her husband drove us back in their Land Rover up the road the pond is on. You couldn't even tell there was a road! The pond was obviously level with the water on the road.. but it was still rising! It was crazy!The kids have been going crazy stuck in the house for three days and the forecast says it's supposed to rain the rest of this week! The electric has been better today, but it's definitely been flickering.. as has my connection with the modem. I hope the neighborhood has enough time to dry out before tomorrow's rain starts again!

To anyone that's been in the areas of high rain and flooding, I hope and pray that you and your family stay safe! I will keep you posted, and try to take pictures if it's like this tomorrow!


Kasey July 04, 2009  

No flooding here in Central IL yet. BUT it did rain all day long today! I hope it clears out soon for you!

JennyMac July 05, 2009  

Stay safe....We could use some of that water down here in Hotlanta.


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