Sunday, August 16, 2009

QUADRUPLE WINNER ANNOUNCMENT! From your favorite Slacker Mom Blogger!

Ok, ok, I will apologize- I've been a slacker with keeping up on our winners posts from the contests that ended right before the Back to School Bash began. I have had no internet again! If our internet service provider doesn't get their butts here by lunchtime tomorrow to FIX my internet there will be a very irate customer on the western coast of Florida tomorrow!!

This all started about a week and a half ago, and after I explained that I work from home, and I need my computer connection to be constant, they sent a tech out. He found no problems with it, call back if there are any other issues and they'll send someone "right away". The last several days I have had little to NO internet access whatsoever, so I called, and someone is supposed to come tomorrow. I am now hooked to my neighbors wireless connection as a back up, just so I can get this darn post up. Ack!

Thank you all for your patience, and congratulations to all of our winners!

The SMELLY WASHER Winner is......

The SPROUT SHELL Winner is.......

The EDEN FANTASYS Winner is......

Jerrica Puckett

And the "By the Book, How to Raise MY Kids" eBook winner is.....Thank you all for participating, and Congratulations to our winners! Please visit our WINNERS PAGE for more information on how to claim your prize!



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