Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First Day of First Grade

This year, I am expecting so much from our elementary school experience, on the sole factor that last year's kindergarten experience was atrocious. After we switched schools, I must say, things did get better, but it was still a very long and very difficult journey.

The end of last week we were able to meet the teacher, (we'll call her Mrs. M.) I've heard a lot of great things about her, so I am hoping that she will be a good placement for Alex. If you have just started following us, Alex is gifted- obviously very bright, and sharp as a tack. If he is not engaged- he acts out, because the school he started in last year blatantly ignored him, and secluded him. Not the way you handle a gifted child, or any child for that matter. Anywho-

While we were waiting to meet her, Alex was super happy to find his name on the "Whoooooooo's in 1st Grade?" bulletin board & Growing Tree. Alex is still the tallest kid in his class, but as he measured his height, he realized some of the names on the tree looked very familiar. Sure enough, a good handful of kids that were in his class last year are there again!

We explored the classroom some more, as we waited to meet his teacher. Mrs. M. seems very nice, and handled the oodles of information that I presented to her within the first 60 seconds rather well, so I am hopeful. I also got to meet the substitute for the 2nd grade, (the real teacher is on maternity leave, and due back in December). She seemed very authoritative.. but I honestly only had a moment with her, so as time progresses, I am sure my opinions will come out much more.

So yesterday morning, after a huge bowl of Kix, a banana, some juice and a bunch of pictures, I loaded both of the kids into the Jeep, and on our way we went. When we got to his classroom, I took a few pictures of him there, and his desk, and told Abbie to give him a big hug and a kiss. She laid a big smooch on him, and I bent down to give him a kiss... and he turned his head! "You can kiss me on my cheek Mom."

Mom?! What the heck happened to Mommy? Your cheek?! I didn't know whether to wig out, or cry.. First grade is too old for Mommy to kiss her son? I had a moment, and smiled as I kissed his cheek, and told him to have an excellent first day of school. Abbigaile and I left, and headed home to where the "ladies" (aka the other Mommys I met at preschool!) came over and we had our own little boo-hoo breakfast of bagels, OJ and Coca-cola! After a toast to the new school year, we exchanged cameras to see all of our children's first days, and after they left Abbie asked me if we were going to start 'school' now.

We picked up our crayons, scissors and glue and learned all about the color red, drew some pretty hearts and practiced cutting.. paper, not hair.

Over all, the first day of school went very well. Alex even got an "Excellent Listening at PE" note home. He said he likes his teacher, a little bit better than last year's teacher, and that he thinks this year is going to be a lot better.


Anonymous,  August 26, 2009  

Thanks for posting the photo. Love the way he "kneels" a bit to get even with his sister for the picture.

Maryann August 26, 2009  

Super cute pictures! So glad his first day went well-- it's so important!


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