Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zooni ConFEETi Socks Review

Zooni is a company that specializes in unique children's accessories like their gorgeous Mop Top Hats and M'uppet Mittens.

They have just launched their new line of specialty socks called ConFEETi Socks. These socks are super adorable, and very easy to fall in love with!

Created with your little monkey, (or kitten!) in mind, these socks just "pop" like no other. The head, paws and tail of the animal on the sock are made so they look 3-d on your child's ankles.

Abbie took them out of the box and immediately claimed her stake. She called them "cuuuuuuute!"

I am one for funky socks, but these absolutely take the cake. Whether you're searching for funky socks for your toddler to take to day care this back to school season, or something for the little one who'll be left home while the big kids are at school, you'll find these socks to be entertaining, practical, and absolutely delightful!

Check out for more information on how to purchase these super cute, unique, and fun socks, or any of their other fabulous children's accessories.

And just because this picture is too cute:
Special thanks to Zooni for allowing our family to review this product, and share our opinions with our readers!


Anonymous,  August 13, 2009  

Those socks are really cute! What a great picture. My daughter would love these too! Thanks for the review.


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