Thursday, August 27, 2009

"What To Expect" and Clorox team up to bring you a healthier home!

Clorox and the makers of the What to Expect series have teamed up to create the What To Expect Guide to a Healthy Home Growth Chart. Download the free ebook guide, with tons of helpful tips HERE! It's jammed packed with tips to help keep your home healthy and clean all year round.

Along with the guide, you can also download a Healthy Home Growth Chart by clicking on the picture to the right, also loaded with great age appropriate tips and ideas!

As a mom of two young children, I feel as if I am forever cleaning around the house, bleaching down plastic toys and scrubbing tables after meal time. With my oldest in school, he comes home with tons of extra germs and unfortunately, we learned the first year just how quickly those little buggers spread!

Since then, as the first day of school approaches I make sure my stash of cleaning supplies is full and ready to roll. My absolute favorite products are the Clorox Anywhere spray, (in fact, I do not think I could live without it!) and Green Works Natural Cleaning Wipes. If you haven't tried the wipes yet, I highly recommend them. They have the power of Clorox, without leaving any chemical residue. Both products are great for wiping down the inside of lunch boxes, the counters in the bathroom, kitchen, or anything you could think of!

How long are you supposed to wash your hands for? That was one question that my son actually asked me when he was about two and a half. According to the Healthy Home Growth Chart, you should: "Make hand washing fun and effective: Have your kids wash their hands in warm, soapy water for as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice."

Who knew?!

I love the information in both the e-guide, and the growth chart, and wish that they had this when my two were babies. I had no idea there were so many great uses for Clorox regular bleach, aside from making my white laundry whiter, and diluting to disinfect plastic toys. Did you know that you can use it to safely and effectively disinfect baby bottles, diaper pails, and the stoppers in sippy cups that get extra funky in the summer??

Whether you're expecting, a new mom, or a seasoned mom or grandmother, be sure to check out the Clorox website for awesome ideas on how to keep your home cleaner and germ free this back to school season, and all year through!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox and the What to Expect Guide and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.



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