Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toni Tierney Designer Baby Clothes Review

From Maddie Spears to Tori Spellings daughter Stella, Toni Tierney clothing has been spotted on many celebrity babies.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sample these beautiful, high quality, designer clothes, just before NewBaby left. With impeccable detail and the cutest combinations of stripes and ribbons and polka dots, Toni Tierney clothing is both fashionable and functional.

I personally loved the texture combination of the outfits we received, from the shirt and pants down to the iridescent ribbon, making this outfit a texture haven for babies! NewBaby was comfortable, and stylish, and absolutely loved playing with the polka dotted ribbon.

Whether you're looking for unique baby boys clothing or holiday dresses for baby girls, Toni Tierney makes a design to delight for everyone.
Toni Tierney supports American Cotton Mills and all of her pieces are made from 100% cotton knit with comfort, durability and affordability being of utmost importance. She is motivated by the desire to help encourage the creation of beautiful products and mentors to teens that have the passion to design for free. A unique and inspiring woman that shares her dedication and passion of her art, and home-grown values with her community, Toni strives to hire mothers that will work out of their homes instead of factory creating her designs in order to help mothers be able to stay at home with their families.

Her mission is to help parents be at home creating, so a new generation of children can see their moms and dads working with their hands. Her ultimate goal is to help spread this philosophy across the country so people all over the United States can get back to their roots, slow down and bring back those traditional ways of earning a living.

For her mission alone, I applaud her! Feel free to visit Toni Tierney online to see more fabulous designs, or follow Toni on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to ask if there's a boutique near you that carries Toni Tierney clothing. And while you're at it, help spread the word about an awesome company and the fabulous values that drive it!


baby clothes August 27, 2009  

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designer baby clothes June 24, 2010  

Wonderful clothing, now my baby can follow the crowd - maybe it will acchieve recognition amongst its peers!


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