Friday, October 30, 2009

Bring Classical Music Back With the Smart Music CD Collection from Little Music Lovers!

You all know how much I love music, and so do my kids. I recently had the chance to try out the Little Music Lovers Sampler CD (part of the Smart Music Series). The Little Music Lovers sampler CD included tracks from Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and several beloved classic lullabies. The Little Music Lovers Smart Music Series for kids includes four CD’s; Smart Music for Story Time (Beethoven), Smart Music for Activity Time (Bach), Smart Music for Play Time (Mozart), and Smart Music for Bedtime (traditional lullabies).

My husband loves classical music, and both of the children were exposed to it often as babies and small children. Now that they are older, we haven't had it on nearly as much as we used to. I popped in the CD, and the kids came out of their rooms right away to ask what I imagewas listening to. They danced for awhile, and now I find that I put it on as a quiet background noise while I'm working, or doing house chores. Abbigaile asks for the "pretty music" every time we do laundry together. This collection makes a great gift for expectant parents, or any parent that wants to expose their children to more Classical Music alternatives.

Buy it! You can purchase The Little Music Lovers Series at!


CynthiaK November 22, 2009  

Oh, we are major music lovers, too, and classical music is no exception. This looks like a great set! Definitely checking it out!


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