Monday, October 12, 2009

Fit Factor Children's Fitness DVD Review

After I had my children, I would workout to exercise videos all the time. I noticed when I was pregnant, doing pregnancy workouts, that my son enjoyed imitating the exercises I was doing, and decided to make it fun.. we copied The Wiggles, and exercised together. It was a blast!

I happened to find Fit Factor Kids while blog surfing at Look What Mom Found ...and Dad too!. They had this "Get Fit, Stay Healthy" video embedded in their sidebar of this energetic teen doing a workout geared specifically for kids. A workout video for kids by kids.. the mere thought excited me.

With childhood obesity plaguing our society, I am eager to help spread the word about a program geared to help children get healthy, and stay healthy without crushing their self esteem. The kids in this video are absolutely adorable, and full of tons of energy.

Watching my son attempt this video made me realize that he definitely has the same "uncoordinated" gene that my husband and I possess, but it didn't stop him. In fact, I joined in and we giggled as we mimicked animals, and playing sports. We even got into a very deep conversation about shooting basketball hoops, and how you're supposed to snap your wrist after aiming the ball.

This DVD is loaded with easy moves, and techniques to give kids a great cardio-workout, stretch, strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and balancing skills. The best part is that each workout is just 10 minutes, so it doesn't feel like a job, or a burden on your little one- it's fun. And they look forward to doing the next workout, again, and again.

My sister recently told me that peer pressure has hit my nieces a little hard this year, and that both of the girls are starting to watch their weight. My nieces are only 8 and 11. This breaks my heart completely, as I was raised to believe that no matter what shape or size you are, you are loved and you're supposed to love yourself. My sister believes very much along the same lines as I do, but after telling her about Fit Factor Kids, she's interested in letting the girls borrow it.

I am eager to see how an older age range will take to this workout DVD, and will definitely keep you posted. If you are in the market for a kids workout that will keep your child's attention, and give your child a fun way to get healthy and stay that way, definitely give this program a try.

You can purchase Fit Factor Kids online at

Special thanks to Fit Factor Kids, for sending us a copy of this brilliant DVD to review.


collyn23 October 13, 2009  

you won a award


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