Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who wants free stuff?

If you're reading this post from home, I wish you were here. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled to win a set of 3 Tropical Traditions lip moisturizers, and receive updates from my experience in Orlando. I truly hope that you are enjoying these blog posts from IzeaFest!

If you are reading this post from my tweet at Izeafest and you didn't receive a swag bag today from Look What Mom (...and Dad!) Found or Life in a House of Blue, with a Tropical Traditions lip moisturizer, pamphlet and 4BabyAndMom business card, please let me know.

Please tweet me: @4BabyAndMom or find me to ask for one in person... I'm wearing a purple, sleeveless, button-down shirt, & likely getting lunch right now. Guys, I know there's some of you that like chapstick- (this stuff is so much better)- feel free to ask for one, too!

One of the key phrases from yesterday was to "keep it simple, yet efficient". Tropical Traditions truly keeps their products simple and efficient by using the purest, most natural and organic ingredients in all of their products. I am so excited to be buzzing about Tropical Traditions at Izea Fest, 2009!



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