Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you're reading this, it means that...

...I am on my way to the beautiful Marriott Renaissance Hotel at Sea World, Orlando for Izea Fest, 2009!

My dad is watching the kids today, bringing my son back and forth to school- and my mom will be watching them tomorrow, then Bri gets the kiddos over the weekend.

I get to learn from internet experts on how to make 4BabyAndMom a better business, blog, and how to expand my network. How to increase my SEO, better my brand, build my traffic, and meet my goals more efficiently.

I can't wait to see some old friends, meet new friends, and see some online friends "IRL", (in real life.)

There will be several live blog posts, tweets and facebook updates, so be sure to follow me to keep up with what's going on at Izea Fest, and with 4BabyAndMom.

If you haven't had a moment to visit Tropical Traditions to see their huge selection of organic cooking, health & beauty, household goods and pet products, check them out- as they are one of our fabulous parnters for this conference.

I will tweet when we're in.. until then, don't forget to enter the CONTROL IT giveaway. I've extended it just a little bit so you can add your links to your nails. If you have nail issues, you really need to enter it; leave an anonymous comment if you are too embarrassed, just include a valid email address. If you prefer to Email me the picture instead, please send it to 4BabyAndMom at Gmail dot com with the subject title of "CONTROL IT GIVEAWAY PICTURE ENTRY".

Good Luck!



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