Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Christmas Gift Ever: "It's Not Cancer"

It's no secret that I haven't been feeling right over the last year. Anyone that has popped in through the year may have been privvy to my very up and down, roller coaster-esque health this year. Over the summer I found a lump in my breast. The lump was basically in the same spot that my mother's cancer was in, that she battled against earlier in the year, just the opposite breast.

I knew no matter what the case was, that I would be alright.

After waiting for an eternity, I received my referral letter for my mammography. I do not envy anyone that has had mammo's in their life. Although it wasn't nearly as painful or uncomfortable as I thought it would be, it's definitely not something I'm eager to do again.

I had to wait for the results, and when I received results, they were all kinds of confusing. The doctors office said that it was inconclusive, and that they would likely have to run more tests. Then I got a phone call from the doctors office the next week that said they basically found a lump, but need to have a sonogram, and then I got a letter from the mammography place that said that they had found a mass, but that most of the time masses are non-cancerous and that I would have to follow up with my doctor and undergo more testing.

Needless to say, it's been one hell of a year.

I went for my sonogram on Thursday, and got the best news of my life. The sonogram was clear. The tech felt the lump, went over it every which way, and it was clear. The shape and size of the lump, she said, sounded like tissue, and that the doctor would have to confirm, but everything looked good.

Even though the three words were not said, ("It's Not Cancer"),  I heard, "It's Not Cancer".

I know that I still have to watch it through the years, and make sure that it doesn't grow, or change, but I'm going to be ok.

In the meantime, I now need to figure out how to find out what's going on with my body, as I'm still not feeling right. If it's not cancer, I need to find out what it is, because I can't continue to live like this. But for right now, I am celebrating. Celebrating the fact that my sonogram was clear, and that everything is going to be alright. For now.


Sara A Broers December 11, 2010  

Congrats on the excellent news! Good luck to you in 2011.

Tara December 11, 2010  

Lauren that is great news!

Debbie Stanton December 12, 2010  

that is good news and CELEBRATE!!

lfhpueblo December 12, 2010  

Congrats on the non-big C. Have they checked your thyroid levels already or if you might be insulin resistant? Some people's pancreas will make our normal insulin, but the body is resistant to it and doesn't utilize it correctly, or is utilizing it only in spurts.


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