Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paypal-Ebay Vent. Who's fault is it? Plus a warning to Ebay sellers.

The holidays always seems to bring financial strain on our family. A friend of mine suggested selling some gift cards I had on Ebay, to try to get a few extra bucks. I had sold a gift card awhile ago and made a dollar more than face value, so I decided to try selling a few (literally, three) gift cards. All three had digital codes, so they could be emailed to the winners. I figured "win, win", right? Wrong.

Two were sold to one person. Long story a lot shorter-I owed a seller $10 (either in credit or in another gift card) which I told them I would send them, and they applied for a full refund- and won the entire purchase refunded. How? I have no idea. I even sent proof of communication with the buyer to paypal. This totally messed up our entire paypal account, putting us in the negative. It was horrible. The buyer asked me to send an adjusted invoice, and he still hasn't paid me. This was almost a month ago.

Then, today, I get another email from this other card I sold before the ones mentioned above, saying that it was an "unauthorized charge". What the heck?!?! So now I've sent my communication to Paypal, and am waiting for them to respond. In the meantime, my account is once again negative because this transaction from OCTOBER is now being scrutinized. I'm hopeful that this one is resolved quickly.

Aren't sellers protected under Paypal?? Nothing like this has ever happened before.. we've been buying and selling on Ebay for over 7 years.. this is ridiculous! It makes me want to give up on Ebay, and find a whole new money exchange system. I really wish was up in full force. I would be there in a heartbeat. UGH!

So my warning for you  is: please be wary selling on Ebay. Apparently, you really can't trust anyone these days.


Learning Aids December 20, 2010  

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