Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Overstock Scavenger Hunt Week #2

I have a ton of people on my shopping list that I have a difficult time trying to find the perfect gift for. You know the people in your life that seem to have everything.. If you ask them what's on their list, they usually give you an answer like, "I have everything I need", or "Don't waste money on me, I don't need anything". Yeah, right. You know I'm going to get you something, so why don't you tell me, "Hey, I could really use a new scarf, some cooking utensils, and a new potato peeler." I would rather give some random gifts and actually have them be used and appreciated than some horribly tacky sweater that's going to sit in the bottom of their drawer.

This week we got some fun clues from for their scavenger hunt to help find gifts for those difficult people on our lists. Here they are:

1.) Department: Often associated with wealth, people sometimes wear this on their ears, necks, wrists and fingers.
2.) Categories: This variation of the above department adorns the neck, and can be made from a variety of metals, rope, gemstones, beads and more.
3.) Categories: This spherical object is produced in both fresh water and salt water mollusks. A string is generally threaded through these to create our destination clue!

After following the clues, I got to the Pearl Necklaces section. Oh, (*ahem* We love Pearls at 4BabyAndMom *ahem*)- for anyone who cares to know! ;o)

Visit now for a great selection of all things sparkly and pretty for those lucky ladies in your life. And at Overstock prices, I dare you to find a better deal out there! Good Luck!



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