Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Spin Master!

Whether you are shopping for a boy or girl, Spin Master is the creator of some of the seasons hottest toys!

If you have a little lady that you're buying for, you may have seen Zoobles on your list this year. Brand new this season, Zoobles sprung to life and grasped the attention of many girls ages 5-9.  (In my opinion, Zoobles are like Bakugan's for girls.) Super cute, and absolutely adorable, these brightly colored animals have their own play sets, and can also be purchased in single or multi-packs. They each have their own funky name, most which correlates with the type of animal they are. When play time is over, flip down the Zoobles and they look like a little ball, making the animals portable and perfect to pack up and bring to Grandma's house! These cute toys start at about $5 and are available online and in all mass retailers.

Liv Dolls are also among the list of many little girls this holiday season. Liv Dolls are realistic looking dolls (more conservative than Bratz, and more "up to date" than Barbie), that girls last year made one of the hottest toys of the season. This year new fashions, styles and accessories are putting Liv Dolls back on the frontline of fun and fashion. With 14 points of articulation, posing these natural divas is super easy for kids 5 and up. Even my nieces (9 and 12) like Liv dolls because of their fashionable styles, and interchangable wigs. These dolls retail for approx. $20. Additional accessories are also available.

On many boys' lists this season you'll find Air Hogs.

The brand new Air Hogs Hawk Eye helicopter is a revolutionary 'copter that blends the boundaries between flight, aerial videography and digital media. 

This video helicopter is the first of its kind, and can capture up to 5 minutes of video or hundreds of pictures while flying high!

It retails for approximately $65-80, and is perfect for kids 12 and up!

Another popular toy from Air Hogs is the Moto Frenzy remote controlled motorcycle. Catch air while performing high-flying indoor stunts, just like your favorite Motocross Riders. This micro R/C has a built in rear-gyro stabilizing fly wheel that lets you carve the sharpest turns, navigate the tightest courses, and always keep upright! The suggested retail value is approximately $25, and is appropriate for kids ages 8 and up.

Bakugan is back again this year, and at the top of the list is the Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus. Load your season 3 Bakugan Battle Gear together with the Dragonoid transformation hub, and watch him auto-transform into your most powerful Bakugan monster. This product retails for approximately $30 and is geared for kids 5 and up.

Kids ages 2-4 will enjoy Moon Dough, the new magical molding compound that never dires out. It is soft and marshmallow- like, cleans up easily and is great to use to develop fine motor skills. Purchase indvidual containers or play sets like this cute barnyard. Moon Dough retails for approximately $3 and up.

Dairy Queen Blizzard maker is a great addition to any young cook's collection. Make our own DQ treats with this machine. It comes with everything you need to make delicious Dairy Queen treats including ice cream mix, toppings, spoons, and a cup. This product is recommended for ages 4 and up and retails for approximately $30.

Hedbanz is a hilarious new game geared for kids or the whole family. Everyone else knows what the cartoon illustration is on your head except for you! Whether your card is a food, animal, or household item, it's up to you to use deductive reasoning to narrow it down and try to figure out what it is on your card. The suggested retail value is about $15 and is recommended for players 6 and up.

Check out these great suggestions as well as other fun items at Spin Master now.

Special thanks to Spin Master for providing 4BabyAndMom samples of some of these products this holiday season.



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