Friday, December 31, 2010

Just wanted to say..

We wish you a very safe, prosperous, healthy, exciting, blessed, fun, wonderous, amazing, glorious, and wonderful 2011!

Marissa will be graduating college at the end of next semester and her oldest child will be graduating elementary school in June. Lots of changes are going to happen in her world, and she is excited.

This year has definitely been one of the worst for me, in about 15 years. My best memory of 2010? Finding out I did NOT have cancer. My awesome trip to Cleveland comes in as a very, very close second, and I can't wait to go back and learn more about the area. Maybe next time I can bring the family.

I am excited about the many things that 2011 has in store for our family. We have a move coming up, I'll be in another wedding in the fall, and one of my best girlfriends is due to have baby #3 in April. I can't wait!

We genuinely wish the best for you all this New Year!
What was your favorite memory of 2010??



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