Friday, December 3, 2010

Boudreax Butt Paste free sample offer, online now

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I am pretty sure there is something in the water!

If you live in central Florida, you may want to drink soda for a little while, because I am not sure the tap is safe. Three of my dear friends are expecting a little blessing soon!! (I am very excited for them, I just don't want to catch it!! hahaha) I have been getting my fix of baby bellies though, gosh they are so cute!

Anyway, two of these friends are first time mommies and their dates are coming up fast. This means I have some shopping to do. I always make laundry basket gifts for baby showers, you know—a cute laundry basket filled with diapers, blankets, clothes, etc. So, I headed down to Wal Mart to get one ready for one of the girls.

Walking down baby aisles is so much fun, and everything reminds you of your own little ones when they were tiny. I was having way too much fun playing with socks and brushes when I went to get some diaper rash cream (a must for any diaper bag),and then I totally flipped- Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was on the shelf! When my little ones were still in diapers, I could never find this stuff! I had gotten it one time when we were out of town and it worked wonders, but I never found it again near me. I threw it in the cart as fast as I could!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste isn't your run of the mill diaper rash cream--it was created by a pharmacist specifically to treat diaper rash. This is the Cadillac of diaper rash creams, (in my opinion), and I couldn't NOT get it for her.  Anyone who has had a baby with a horrible rash that doesn't respond to the other creams understands. My babies were horribly allergic to certain brands of diapers; I would have to get special cream from their doctors, until I found butt paste. It also goes AND comes off super easy--which is also a selling point when you’re talking about rash treatment!! It also works good for other skin irritations too.

They are giving out FREE samples (you know I love free stuff) right now, so I knew I had to share with you guys when I heard. Just head on over to the Boudreaux's Butt Paste website and get your sample. I know you'll love this stuff.

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izzy December 04, 2010  

That's interesting. But still, each child skin varies. So parents should still stay vigilant and do frequent visual checks to their child's diapers.


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