Wednesday, July 14, 2010

K-Y YOURS+MINE Kissable Sensations Brings Exploration Back to the Bedroom

I don't know how long you've been with your significant other, but my husband and I are celebrating our 10th year together. I met Brian when I was 17 years old, just a few weeks before I turned 18. We dated for about three years when we had our first child and got married. Since then, our world has been full of all of the ups and downs a committed relationship with two kids, a dog, and a mortgage holds. Needless to say, somewhere in the process we've become exhausted, and often forget to explore each other the way we did when our relationship was new, and exciting.

Recently, we had the opportunity to try some of the other products in the  K-Y YOURS+MINE line, and without a doubt- I am definitely impressed, yet again.

The blurb on the K-Y YOURS+MINE Kissable Sensations says:
For more play during foreplay. Take time to explore and stimulate each other's body. Enjoy the sensual, arousing pleasure of foreplay with decadent chocolate and refreshing strawberry sensations for the body. Together, share a fun, delicious, multi-sensory head to toe experience – Enjoy foreplay like never before. Shown in a clinical study to increase anticipation and desire for intimacy.
I'll admit that I have tried other flavored products before, but I can genuinely say that I prefer the taste and feel of this product to others. When I told my husband that we were going to be trying out this product, he wasn't that excited, because of past experiences with other flavored products.

Marissa also got to review this product. Here is what she had to say about it:

Like Lauren, I too was impressed with this product. The quality is much higher than other similar products in the market. The great thing about this product is that it is available at your local drug store. You don't have to go to a seedy adult store or order online. K-Y brand is well established and the name always implies a great product with 100% satisfaction (no pun intended). I really like that K-Y has made these products accessible to customers at popular retail stores, where we don't need to wear scarves, and sunglasses, and avert our eyes.

The only con, and it is a small one, that I can find with this product is a slight gender/product confusion. As with other his/her products, both flavors are clearly labeled as "For Him" and "For Her". So obviously, I knew the the "For Her" bottle was mine. Here is where the confusion sets in, do I use this on him or does he use this on me? The instructions spell this out clearly--but stopping to put on your reading glasses to read instructions on your K-Y product may kill the mood. So, just in case and to put all questions to rest--he uses strawberry on you and you use chocolate on him. That said--this is a minor issue and can be easily mended by either just using both *wink-wink* or simply reading the directions first, (but where is the fun in that?).

Our conclusion:
The K-Y Brand has done a great job putting together a product that is sweetly sensual, and helps couples to reconnect and explore each other to revitalize their intimate connection. This, in-turn helps to better intimate health, which itself can lead to better relationships and overall well-being. Both of us would recommend this product to others who are looking for a fun way to reconnect with their spouse or significant other, in a fun and sensual way.

You can find K-Y YOURS+MINE Kissable Sensations at many large name retail locations such as Walgreens, Target, and



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