Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tomorrow starts our Back to School Bash! Did you RSVP?

Well, I know Lauren put out the announcement and a few of you grabbed our button and posted it to your blog walls or facebook pages, (HUGE THANKS!!) and are earning extra early bird entries for doing so! I'm so excited for the party to start tomorrow!

We have been working very hard behind the scenes trying to get everything ready to go. We will be working with a very diverse and interesting bunch of companies this month- from Marcal, to Elmer's, to Seventh Generations, to Crayola and so much more. We're even going to have a food week, with special deals, coupons, and giveaways from some of your favorite kid-friendly food products!

We've had a couple of questions emailed or facebooked to us regarding the Back to School Bash, and as always we enjoy hearing from you, our readers on anything and everything- especially when a blog party is involved.

Okie dokie-

If you would like to add our button to your Facebook Page, please copy it from here.. Try not to copy it as a jpg, keep the original file type (png). Then go to your Facebook page, in your status update, tell your friends that you are participating in the Back to School Bash @4BabyAndMom-- As you are typing @4BabyAndMom, there should be a bar that comes up underneath and automatically pulls up our fan page. Click it and it will become a hyperlink sending your friends our way. If you are having a problem getting it to show up as a hyperlink, t-y-p-e-s-l-o-w-e-r. Some times Facebook needs to catch it's breath. ;)

Anyway, then click on attach photo, select our back to school bash button, and post it to your wall. Ideally, we would love for you to put our direct domain- - in your status update too, but we'll leave that up to you!

I think that's about it! Spread the word and grab a button!


Stef plus 3 July 31, 2010  

I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!


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