Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pop On Pals Builds Pretend Play!

There's this great new product that we were able to review recently called, Pop On Pals. It's brand new to the market, in fact, their website just went live last week!

Pop On Pals are a new collection of toys for tots and preschoolers. The people can "pop-on" different outfits or costumes in just a snap, and the play sets interact with children as soon as the characters "pop" into place. Little hands can play with each individual character, and love hearing the click it makes as the pieces lock into place.

We received the Amusement Park Playset, and Abbigaile LOVED the fact that it had a ferris wheel! (Although Alex is too old for this product, he was excited to unpack this play set because it had a roller coaster!) When we first got it out of the package, Abbie started playing with it instantaneously. Her big brother was a super big helper because, at first we couldn't figure out why the ferris wheel wasn't operating. He figured it out in about three seconds. We didn't realize that there's a yellow knob by the top of the roller coaster that needs to be pushed over for the ferris wheel to work. When it's leaning one way, the ferris wheel goes around and when it's leaning the other way, the swing swings.

Since opening it, Abbie has been playing with it on and off almost constantly. Yesterday, I caught her with her barbie, selling tickets to the Pop On Pal.. I do wish that the actual play set came with more than one person, as children would be encouraged to interact the characters together.

Visit the website to find more information on the available playsets, transportation vehicles and Pop On Pals accessories, to download coloring sheets, or play with their interactive website to see how everything works!

Pop On Pals
offers truly does offer your preschooler a "World of Endless Popabilities!"

Special Thanks to Team Mom for allowing us to review this product.



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