Monday, July 26, 2010

Under $1 Deals! Back to School Steals

You may have noticed that the Sunday paper's sales fliers are starting to ooze back to school savings. With both of my kids in school full time, I have started stocking up on school supplies already- and with sales like these, why not?!

These are the under a dollar deals that I have found in my area:
Be sure to check your local sales fliers for price accuracy.

Visit your local Kmart to find:

2 pocket, 3-prong portfolio folder: $0.15
RoseArt 24-ct crayons: $0.25
4-oz. Elmer’s school glue: $0.25
Paper Mate pens (Limit 4): $0.50
Pencil boxes: $0.50
RoseArt colored pencils (12pk): $0.50
Filler paper 150-ct wide or college ruled (Limit 4): $0.50
Select Fashion PR Licensed folders: $0.50

Walgreens is offering these great deals:

2 Pocket Folder with Prongs: $.09 (Limit 5)
Penway Memo book 50 sheet: $.19 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Mini Composition Book 80 Sheets: $.19 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Penway Flexible Ruler: $.39
Penway Protractor: $.39
Penway Poly Pencil Case: $.39
Penway Index Card Case: $.39
Penway 2 Pocket Poly Portfolio: $.39
Penway Crayons 24pk: $.39 with in-ad coupon
Crayola Posterboard: $.39 with in-ad coupon (Limit 6)
Scotch Mailer: $.39 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Penway Filler paper Wide or College Rule, 130 sheets: $.59 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Elmer’s Glue: $.59 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Elmer’s Glue Sticks 2pk: $.59 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Penway Carry-All Pouch: $.59 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Penway Composition book, 80 sheets: $.69 with in-ad coupon
Paper Mate Profile Pens, 2pk: $.69 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Sharpie Markers, 2pk: $.69 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Penway 3 Subject Notebooks, College and Wide Rule, 120 sheets: $.99
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 30pk: $.99
Pilot Easytouch Retractable Fine Point pen, 2pk: $.99
Pilot Easytouch Pens Medium Point 3pk: $.99
One size fit all book cover: $.99
Liquid Highlighters 5pk: $.99
Penway #2 Pencils 24pk: $.99
Kids' Scissors: $.99
Construction paper: $.99
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12pk: $.99 with in-ad coupon (Limit 3)

Stock up on pens and these great items at Staples:

Staples Bic Round Stic Ballpoint Pens, black (8-pk): $0.01
Staples Multi-Purpose Paper, 96 bright (500-sheet ream): $0.04 after Easy Rebate
(Both of the above deals are available Sunday through Wednesday with a $5 purchase.)
Buy any backpack, get the full amount back on a Staples gift card (Limit 1): FREE
Zebra Sarasa Retractable Gel Pens (5-pk): $0.26 after Easy Rebate (Limit 1)
Staples Hype Highlighters (6-pk): $0.25 (Limit 2)
Really Useful Box: $0.25 (Limit 2)

Office Depot is offering:

Office Depot Acrylic Rulers: $.05
Office Depot Eraser Caps: $.10
HP Office Paper: $0.95

If you bought everything I've just listed, it would cost you $22.98 for 46 items.. (including your free backpack!) So what are you waiting for? Happy Shopping!!



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