Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Angelina Ballerina "Loves to Dance" *Review*

Angelina Ballerina, the eight-year old mouseling who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina, got a new look and even more exciting with the all-new CG animated Angelina Ballerina: Love to Dance. New music, new friends and new dancing styles await Angelina Ballerina -- a little star with big dreams -- on her first day at Camembert Academy. Dancing in the lunch yard, making new friends while remembering her old friends and rehearsing for the big show, Angelina is passionate about dance, particularly ballet, and always tries to make the best out of every situation. When little girls share in Angelina’s experiences, they’re inspired to pursue their big dreams too.

From Lionsgate and HIT Entertaiment:


Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to take center stage with Angelina Ballerina! On Angelina’s first day at Camembert Academy she discovers new forms of music and dance, like jazz, tap and hip hop, and meets new friends who have their own unique rhythm. Together with her friends new and old, like best friend Alice and the new Hip-Hop Kid AZ, Angelina realizes that becoming a prima ballerina requires collaboration and compromise, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Get ready to step, leap and groove as you discover your own love of dance in these fun-filled episodes!

* “Angelina’s New School” – Angelina is excited, yet nervous, about her first day of school at Camembert Academy. When she finds her new classmates proficient in other styles of dance, she tries to copy their moves – without success. Angelina soon discovers that when she’s true to her own style of dance – ballet – she excels, and soon understands that everyone is different, and different is good.

* “Angelina’s Dance Partner” – Angelina is ecstatic to have the opportunity to dance with her best friend, Alice, at Camembert Academy’s “Dance With a Partner Day.” Angelina likes to choreograph the routine down to the very last detail and Alice is happy to oblige! Unfortunately, when Alice gets the sniffles Angelina must partner with Viki, whose style of improvisation contradicts with Angelina’s style. Angelina learns the importance of collaboration, cooperation and adaptability when working with a partner.

* “Angelina’s Oldest Friend” – Angelina loves her new Camembert Academy friends and also loves her old friend Alice. She expects that both sets of friends will love each other too. Unfortunately, their first encounter is not as smooth as Angelina would have liked so the new and old friends work together to find a new way to play so all can have fun.

* “Angelina’s Sleepover” – Angelina, Viki and Gracie decide to have a sleepover the night before a rehearsal for the big performance, but they do everything except sleep! The next day they are too tired for the morning rehearsal and have to choose between an afternoon rehearsal or attending the annual Silly Hat Carnival, a fun tradition in Mouseland. Angelina and her friends decide to rehearse and learn that being prepared is the best fun of all!

* “Angelina and the Hip Hop Kid” – Angelina is very excited to be directing her very first Hip Hop Show when suddenly her star, AZ, falls and hurts his foot! Who can step into his shoes at the last minute? Marco is the number one choice. However, though he can play Hip Hop music, dancing Hip Hop is another thing. The show is in danger of not going on… unless Angelina can come up with a solution in time!

· “Angelina Says” Game
· “Get Up and Dance” Music Video
· “I Will Be A Star” Music Video
The suggested retail value of this new CG animated movie Angelina Ballerina: Loves to Dance is approximately $14.99 and is available online at Amazon and everywhere childrens DVD's are sold.

Abbigaile adores Angelina Ballerina, and enjoys dancing around while she watches her on the television. She should be starting dance class soon, and is super excited about it. I loved the new CG animation, and thought it made her more "modern". For those of you who have a little lady that loves Angelina, feel free to print out this free coloring sheet!


Special thanks to Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment for allowing us to review this product at no cost.



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